“RUBY's WISH @BelvoirSt is fabulous. Run don't walk.”

(Elissa Blake – Theatre Critic)


“A perfectly magical show - perfect for kids 5+”

(Chris Bendall – Critical Stages)


“Raises the bar for the younger audience”

(Ben Winspear – Griffin Theatre Company)


“Everything you could want from a fine piece of family theatre - quirky, moving, funny, entertaining”

“A unique and wonderful experience in the theatre”

(Robert Love – Riverside Theatre)



“I gave it 9.2 out of 10”

(Scarlett Wallace aged 10 – The Australian)



“Puppetry of a magical order”

“A bewitching chamber of play and imagination”

“A simple gift for an audience of all ages”

“A work of much complexity”

“It's magic lies in the sheer humanity of the story”

“An open hearted invitation for the audience, to imagine and play with them”

“I spilt a few tears, some guffaws…had a full welling of feeling good and …optimism about my world”

(Kevin Jackson – Kevin Jackson Theatre Diary)



tahni Froudist - Producer

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